XP League Family

XP League, the first and largest esports franchise in North America, and part of the youth enrichment growth-focused platform Unleashed Brands, is expanding its reach in Colorado through a new franchise agreement with a local couple who saw firsthand the positive impact the esports league had on their own son. Nick and Dana Badraun will bring XP League to Aurora, CO this summer and say their 11-year-old son's experience with the brand is what’s driving their investment.

The Badraun’s son has always had a passion for video games. After seeing a Facebook ad for a XP League in Lone Tree, CO, they were intrigued that he could be part of a team that emphasized teamwork, camaraderie, and positive behavior – all centered around gaming. The family enjoyed the experience and the confidence it brought their son. As parents, it’s hard to see kids encounter toxic behavior when gaming online with strangers, and XP League brought the couple comfort knowing he is playing with teammates and other like-minded kids.

Nick has been working in the telecommunications field for 22 years, while Dana currently works as a preschool para-professional in the Cherry Creek School District. Their entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by the potential they saw in XP League as a unique opportunity to offer children a safe, nurturing environment to be themselves and have fun while developing valuable skills.

The couple says they want the local community to know that the combination of gaming and positive values is a powerful one since they have witnessed it firsthand with their son. They say XP League has the potential to change the way parents think about gaming.

"The thing that impressed me the most about XP League was how the program teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, and positive behavior through gaming. My son loves gaming and it was refreshing to find an organization that instilled positive values while playing,” said Dana Badraun. “As an entrepreneur, I see the incredible potential in investing in a brand like XP League. Not only is the gaming industry growing rapidly, but XP League offers a unique opportunity to connect the city of Aurora and Parker to the esports community,” said Nick Badraun.

XP League, a fast-growing emerging youth esports franchise brand, has designed a custom coaching program that interweaves skill-building and tools to coach younger esports players. XP League’s continual investment in hiring and training the best coaches in the business makes it the top choice for families and entrepreneurs when it comes to youth esports.

Launched in 2020, XP League offers a nine-week seasonal program including one practice and one match a week. Each team is led by a coach who focuses on teaching resiliency, teamwork, and sportsmanship in addition to gaming skills. By integrating these values into the core format of its programming, kids see the positive reward as an exciting part of the overall experience. XP League is growing rapidly throughout the United States and looking for entrepreneurs to fulfill its mission.

To learn more about XP League and its franchising opportunities, visit xpleaguefranchise.com.