XP League Gamers

XP League’s Appeal is Rooted in a Multi-Generational Connection

Research tells us that the largest pool of entrepreneurial candidates looking into franchise ownership include Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. It wouldn’t be unusual to look into any commonalities between these generational demographics – especially if franchisors are looking to bolster their offerings by pointing out any shared interests and pursuits. To illustrate this connection, we’re putting the spotlight on one of many Unleashed Brand concepts where a direct and clear correlation is present – XP League.

XP League is the franchise industry’s first competitive online gaming league, who’s coach-led activities are designed to appeal to a niche target audience of children ages seven through high school. But this appeal also extends to their parental units, who likewise grew up experiencing the sheer enjoyment of video gaming – whether in a bustling and noisy arcade or in the comfort of their homes on TV-based console units. There’s a lot to like about this franchise opportunity and, as you’ll see, current XP League franchise owners share a mutual interest in promoting the same level of sportsmanship taught in any of the other youth athletic leagues.

The Basics of XP League

XP League represents the future of gaming – head-to-head team-based competitions conducted via livestream and sanctioned under an emerging phenomenon known as esports. It’s designed to function just like any other classic youth sports league, where participation comes with a healthy dose of good sportsmanship, improved social skills, and camaraderie. Players and teams are professionally coached to help participants gain proficiency at gaming with positive reinforcement designed to enhance their personal development. Endorsed by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), XP League is fully committed to instilling teamwork, positive behavior, and core values for all participants – dismissing any negative stereotypes associated with the online gaming community. Franchise owners organize and host weekly live-stream competitions where the players and their supporters can prove their gaming skills and a whole lot more.

The Generational Appeal of Gaming

Though the names have changed throughout the years, the thrill of video gaming persists. Parents who grew up playing arcade greats like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Missile Command now have children who’ve become infatuated with globally connected competitive player-to-player platform tournaments offered by League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Valorant. As a parent, if you’re unsure of these first-person POV gaming options, be sure to ask your teenager and their friends.

XP Franchise Owners Weigh In…

Before investing in the XP League franchise opportunity, Jennifer Vilela of Palm Beach, Florida was a successful realtor and single mom raising four active boys. For her, there was a lot to like about the business model, which harkened back to her own upbringing. “Gaming is not going away,” says Vilela. “I love that it’s being acknowledged as a sport and there are so many college opportunities out there. XP League is amazing since we are bringing a team environment, coaching and education to the sport, which is what sold me on opening a franchise. So many towns are eager for esports to be in their communities and trying to figure out how to make it work. There is so much demand for these programs right now.” Her sentiments are echoed by XP owners Nick and Dana Badraun of Aurora, Colorado, who have a 12-year old son. "The thing that impressed me the most about XP League was how the program teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, and positive behavior through gaming,” said Dana Badraun. “My son loves gaming, and it was refreshing to find an organization that instilled positive values while playing.”

The future of XP League franchising looks exceptionally bright, especially in light of the booming esports industry. In the U.S. alone, it’s an activity valued at nearly $2 billion – with a B. And the compound annual growth rate prediction is simply off the charts – expected to reach 26.8% through the year 2030. If you’re an entrepreneurial candidate who remembers the pull and excitement of video gaming, you too can establish a multi-generational connection in your own community as an XP League franchisee.

A Little More About Us…

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