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Benefits of Franchising vs. Starting a Business From Scratch

Becoming an entrepreneur is a call that takes guts, brains, and a sense of bravery to answer. Not many have what it takes. But for those who do, it can be life changing in more ways than one. With the popularity of esports on the rise, many are looking for ways to jump into the business without having to get their hands on a gaming controller. XP League helps aspiring entrepreneurs interested in esports get their head in the game as a franchise owner, alleviating some of the hardships that come with entering a new, increasingly popular industry alone. Check out why franchising with XP League versus starting a esports business from scratch is the way to go with business ownership:

Brand Awareness

Businesses you frequent everyday have a secret: most of them are franchises. Taco Bell, Planet Fitness, Great Clips, and more are all great businesses that span across international plains under a franchising format and are easily recognizable by even the most common of consumers. They’ve put in the work to create quality offerings and brand awareness for their company. Buying a franchise takes out the heavy lifting and creates a uniform understanding of what the business is about, taking out the guesswork and letting you focus on the fun parts. As the only esports franchise certified as a STEM.org Accredited Educational Program, XP League has worked hard to create a name for ourselves in the esports space and create a program that benefits kids and their families in ways not commonly seen.


Having strong business know-how is an asset to business ownership but that’s not all that’s needed. What about financing? How are your accounting skills? Do you have Human Resources experience? Franchising helps you focus on the parts of the business that you want to focus on and while the franchisor helps you through the rest. With XP League, we make sure you have the resources, training, and support you need to make smart, well-informed business decisions that make sense for you and your business. Joining a franchise also opens the door to a unified group of fellow franchisees that share your same goals, passions, and mission.

Quicker ROI

When you opt for a well-established, industry leading franchise like XP League, you get to take the reins of a turn-key business. This means that the research, the building, the technology, the training, the marketing, the advertising, and more are already done and gets you to market quicker, getting you closer to achieving your goals much faster than with traditional business ownership.

Proven Business Model

For many franchises like XP League, the business model is tried and true. You don’t have to worry about winging it or hoping for the best. Through our uniformed League in a Box franchising format, the tools you need to get your business up and running are given to you upfront, just like they’ve been given to every other XP League franchisee. Those tough business decisions that maybe you’re not quite sure about can be made a lot easier when you realize that many other successful franchisees probably faced the same issues. And because they follow a matching business model, they proceeded successfully.

Higher Success Rate

Compared to starting a business from scratch, opting for the franchise route provides a much lower rate of risk involved. Starting a business can be stressful with a lot of decisions requiring research, careful planning, and even some sacrifice. With a franchise like XP League, many of those stressors have been carefully thought out and considered FOR you with training, support, and guidance ready to go.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about business ownership and walk you through the many benefits of owning a franchise. Contact us today!